Lil Wayne- Tha Carter II

I know what your thinking, first he advocates pirating music, and now he is about to show some love to Lil' Wayne. Yeah, that's about the gist of it.. although all the hip hop heads have been quick to cast off Weezy, I think we should all wait a second. Now, am I a Weezy fan? No! Have I bought any of his CD's? No. But at the same time, Weezy does have a few songs worth mentioning. If Lil Wayne had not created "Tha Carter II", I would be tempted to disregard him as a hip-hop artist altogether. I give him no credit for good music besides "Tha Carter II". C3 was terrible, I'd be hard-pressed not to skip to "Shoot Me Down" every time I listened to the album. The first installation in "Tha Carter" series was not much better. And his albums before like "Tha Block Was Hot" and "500 Degreez", were your average southern albums back in the early 2000's. In fact, I hated Lil' Wayne almost as much as everyone else on this site just a few months ago. Still, I heard "Tha Carter II"(that's four times, if anyone else is counting) and I was genuinely surprised. Sure, almost all of the album is your usual mainstream bullshit, but there's something special about these few songs man, I'm telling you.
There's something to be said about Lil' Wayne the rapper, he is an extraordinarily misguided individual. Lil' Wayne has so much potential it's amazing. We have a few bitter hip-hop heads on the staff who probably hate Lil' Wayne, but at times he leaves me shaking my head amazed. This is coming from someone who can recite "N.Y. State Of Mind" word-for-word remember. Even those who aren't feeling Weezy have to feel this track, just a 5 minute blitzkrieg of lyricism...

I told you Lil' Wayne had his moments, but wait, this track is pretty dope too.

After those two videos, I feel I have something else to add. I know that Lil' Wayne freestyles all his music (all ghostwriter rumors aside), and that really doesn't impress me. I'm sure Big L could have easily competed with Lil' Wayne and beat him most of the time. Wayne stands out because of his charisma (gotta give him that) and his ability to make acting like a jackass look cool. Honestly, who else could shoot themselves in the heart on accident, and play it off cool? Also, Lil Wayne stands out because he is at the top of a watered-down mainstream market. It's funny to hear people call Wayne a lyrical genius, when he is anything but. Still, Weezy has his sporadic moments of brilliance and most of them are documented above. Since I've been contradicting myself lately, I'm going to say it clearly.
Lil Wayne is a talentless, egregious, 5'7 piece of shit 99.99% of the time, besides the two above listed tracks. Thank you.
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