Tech N9ne....real ish!

Ok so as many of you read Guy's article on pirated music earlier, you noticed he supports a lot of "underground" artists! Us true Hip-Hop heads always seem to have a handful of "underground" or underrated emcees who we will fight for till the end! The same goes for me! Hell some of my favorite rappers are ones most rap fans have never heard of! And I will argue till I die that these guys (like Blu, Brother Ali, and of course Tech N9ne) are some of the best alive and maybe ever! I was a little disappointed to see no mention of Tech N9ne and all his accomplishments in Guy's article!

Tech N9ne for those of you who dont know, is from KC MO! He has released 11 solo albums and is the co-owner of Strange Music Record Label! Tech N9ne is the epitome of "underground" independent music! Even with the rapid growth of pirated music, and declining record sales across all genres (especially hip-hop) this man has managed to sell more records as an independent artist then most major label artists do! With the release of his most recent CD Killer he passed the 1 Million career album sales benchmark! A true achievement considering he has never had any form of major corporate label backing, funding or influence!

Tech N9ne is a true GENIUS! To be able to make great music like he does without the major label funding, and without plays by radio stations and BET and MTV is a trully rare thing that deserves mad respect! Thats why this guy has callaboed with just about everyone! Including some of my all time favorites (Scarface, Ice Cube & E-40)! Hell on Killer alone he callaboed with Paul Wall, Scarface, Shawnna, Brother J, Mistah F.A.B., Kottonmouth Kings, Hed PE, Krizz Kaliko, Skatterman & Snug Brim BG, Bulletwound, Mr. Stinky, and Ice Cube! This dude has earned respect from all of those in the Hip-Hop industry yet too many Hip-Hop fans have no clue who this cat is! Its a damn shame too! Cause his stuff is some classic hip-hop! Its truly his ish too, not influenced by a record executive! Another great thing is he has went his whole career without the help from ANY mega producers, sticking to the same handfull of guys hes been with his whole career!

Anyways back to Killer this dual disc (32 tracks) gem is a CLASSIC album in my books! It starts off with some pure fire with the second track "Like Yeah" and never lets up! This is definatly an album any Hip-Hop fan should check out at least once! With that said heres a link to it! And remember to BUY IT if you like it! Guys like this deserve to have there albums bought! Not Pirated!

Tech N9ne - Killer

Disc 1

Disc 2

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