What's up everyone!

My name is Heaps and you might know me of my blog Musical Schizophrenia, or you might not know me at all. If that's the case; here's a small introduction!

Next to owner of my blog, I am the founder and chief editor of The Find Magazine; an Independent Hip Hop Magazine that I set up with several writers, bloggers and designers. With this magazine we want to support artists that should get more recognition for their great music by offering our readers reviews, interviews, articles and other writings about good (most of the time jazzy/funky/soulful) Hip Hop. And of course we also pay attention to related subjects like Street Art and the culture.

And that brings me to the fact why I am here: I will mainly post in the category 'Flying Under The Radar', where I talk about artists that you all should have heard but who are, unfortunately, relatively unknown. Next to that I will post some rants, thoughts or other content every now and then.

Really quick and basic, but that's it for now! Kinda busy nowadays, but expect my first official post this weekend! Oh, and if you want to get familiar with my musical taste, you can check out my Last FM-profile!

Stay Thirsty,

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where's wally said... @ October 14, 2008 at 3:49 PM

The Find is the shit! Read it about a week ago, hella dope.