Aight, bet.  This is Elmattic.

Cuz I'm a Force of One just like Chuck Norris (and I got more rhymes than...uh...Yeltsin got Boris? I wreck MCs like...uh...shit.), I'm callin' for an end to American Gangster remixes.

Batman Gangster.  Yakitori Gangster.  Bagpipe Gangster. Ouagadougou Gangster. Walt Whitman Gangster. American Gangster Rids The World Of The Curse Of Evil Vampires. Gangster Over Easy. Hong Kong Gangster Phooey.  Seinfeld Gangster.

Shit is played the fuck out.  Basta es basta, y tu mama tambien en culo.

I have seen the future of soundtrack remixes, and it is EarDrumz.

This mix is tight as hell.  He's taken the soundtrack by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis from that cowboy movie with Bread Peat and that hot chick from Weeds, chopped it up, thrown down some MPC beats, and laid in some vocal samples.  Simple, ain't it?  But quite clever.

Lemme make this clear: I don't really watch Westerns.  I don't listen to Nick Cave (but I did bury my Nick Cave doll in my backyard when I was a kid).  But this shit is straight up dope.  He's built a half-hour of eerie, grimy, downtempo hip hop out of that soundtrack.  Don't sleep.  If you like Flying Lotus, Dday One, Cyne, Herbaliser, and stuff like that, you're gonna like this.

EarDrumz has done a whole slew of shit, but to me this is the most interesting.  The Kill Bill remix has some good cuts on it (Blue Leaves Showdown, D.I.V.A.S., Cruel Tutelage of the 5 Point Technic), but it doesn't to me come together the way Re:Assassination does.

Peep him out:

So, DJs: I challenge you to make some more dope remixes of soundtracks that you wouldn't think make good hip hop.  Taxi Driver.  Mishima. Requiem for a Dream (and no, that shitty techno remix LP doesn't count, it was ass). Paris, Texas.  Koyannisqatsi. Blade Runner (oh wait, El-P already did that--it was called Cannibal Oxtrumentals).  I'll take more suggestions in the comments...

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Guy Fawkes said... @ October 14, 2008 at 12:22 PM

Lol, feel the exact same way on the remixes. Jay got something like 100 remixes of "American Gangster" floating around on the internet...
Gonna check out this tape, nice post cuz.