Ras Kass vs. The Game

What's poppin', it's the kid Wally $ean from The Message. First, I feel the need to clarify that I am both a fan of The Game and Ras Kass. They're both great emcees and they're both reppin' the west coast in their respective ways. Nevertheless, I've always had love for Ras Kass' diss track against The Game "Gayme Over." While it pales in comparison to Razzy's other work (see "Nature of the Threat" specifically), most diss tracks do, and I remember laughing my ass off the first time I heard the track.

The beef first started over a line in a Razzy song that The Game interpreted as a diss. Apparently, there was a confrontation between the two in a bar, and some shit went down. Ras Kass claims The Game and 30 of his boys ganged up on him and three of his friends, smacking Razzy in the head with a bottle and leaving him with stitches in his head. The Game says, however, that he knocked the water-proof emcee out with on punch.

Razzy unloads on The Game, leaving no subject of The Game's personal life taboo. Everything from The Game's Eazy E stanning to his appearance on the show "Heart to Heart" (in which The Game's boo left him, might I add) becomes ammunition for Razzy's lyrical assault. Most importantly, however, is the fact that Ras Kass uses humor to achieve success. I'm not homophobic, but just the sheer number of different ways that Ras Kass calls The Game gay is funny. Here are the two diss tracks that Ras Kass did.

"Gayme Over"

"Hush Little Baby"

Which leads me to my next point. Personally, I feel the best diss tracks are also the funniest ones. Look at "Curtis" by Cam'ron, for example. People remember that song because it and it's video were fuckin' hysterical. And even though Curtis Jackson fared better in the long run, Killa Cam still proved he was a far better rapper. Rappers shouldn't take beef so seriously: Pac and Biggie are a prime example. Instead, beefs are best handled using humor.

Sadly, however, the Ras Kass-The Game feud didn't build into anything much. Despite two diss tracks from Razzy, The Game never responded. Like I said, I like both emcees a lot, but The Game has proven multiple times that he is quite fantastic with diss tracks. It would have been nice just to hear how he would have responded.
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Guy Fawkes said... @ October 23, 2008 at 6:58 PM

Game didn't respond via song, but he did do this video.


Ras Kass never seemed like the beefing type to me. He always seemed like one of those rappers who had a superiority complex that wouldn't let them beef... especially with name-droppers like Game.