Talented-less MC's 1st Edition

Not a record executive or an A&R, this is MC Paul Barman. When a friend first told me about him, he said this guy was an "elite" level of lyricist. No arguing there, after reading Paul's lyrics, I was fairly impressed. What my friend forgot to mention though was that Paul Barman can not flow or ride a beat to save his life (or his Jew-fro from getting wet). His style is heavily reminiscent of the Busdriver or both members of Cannibal Ox, or any underground rapper who has ever appeared on a Tony Hawk soundtrack.
I'm beyond clowning on someone for their race or the way they look, Biggie Smalls and Bushwick Bill get equal love in my book. But, Paul just seems like a gimmick. He popularized nerdcore and aspires to rap in Morse Code... nuff said! An example of his multi-syllabic flow (which would be impressive if it made sense): "I bungie jump into my grungy dump and come up with a trust fundy dust bunny spongy clump". And some vids:
Example 1 Example 2
Example 3(This one's alright).
Although I am not a fan of MC Paul Barman, I'm not a hater. This guy is original, he's bringing something new to the game, and he has an incredible laundry list of legendary producers he's worked with (MF Doom and Prince Paul anybody). After hearing "Paullelujah" , I've come to the conclusion that producers are just looking for the smallest spark of originality to have an excuse to work with crazy baseheads. Just me though...
You go from one spectrum to another: overly-creative to carbon copy-creative. I found this comment on our "Leaders Of The New School Part 2", props to Boris!
"Fuck Asher Roth, king of the burbs/ But a queen with the words/Think you can flow with the gods/Then you'll float with the worms/Lyrical lashes like 3rd degree burns/Sprinkle ya ashes, put your career in an urn/"
Can anyone say Ether? Tight few bars there.
I can't even pin-point why I hate Asher Roth so much. Maybe it's because the mixtape game embraced him strictly because he sounds like Eminem. Maybe it's because he is a huge gimmick, or maybe it's because he is worse than talentless. Still everywhere you look, people are on Asher's dick.

That party last night was awfully crazy/I wish we taped it/I danced my ass off and had this one girl completly naked/Drink my beer and smoke my weed/But my good friends is all i need/Pass out at 3 wake up at 10/ Go out to eat then do it again

Are you kidding me? People actually like this dude? People say this dude is nice? I am beyond dissapointed. If you can't tell Asher Roth is a gimmick, your either deaf or dumb!

Lastly, am I the only who sees this? Young Jeezy looks like a damn conehead.
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Chris Campbell said... @ October 24, 2008 at 12:28 PM

hahahahahaha! to the whole post!

Wally $ean said... @ October 25, 2008 at 1:56 PM

yes thank you! i can't STAND asher roth! being white, i respect that he's done so well for himself in the rap game and without having to change his style or become a studio gangster or whatever, but i just cannot STAND him. he can't rap, he can't flow...what the fuck do people see in that twat?

also, i MAD hate on mc paul barman. the first and only song i've ever heard by him is "anarchist bookstore," and its the WACKEST thing i've ever heard in my life! seriously, i really can't stand these "elite" underground emcees...it's not fuckin hip-hop.

M* said... @ October 26, 2008 at 3:25 AM

like omg thank Yewwwwww haha

asther roth wtf--random azz hell.

lmaooo at jeezyz twinz

Praverb said... @ October 27, 2008 at 2:00 AM

lmbo at the breakdown of Paul Barman and Asher Roth haha...