Please Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself ...

Introing myself I can hear Jay's first couple bars from "P.S.A." blaring in the background even though I'm actually listening to all the radio rip/demo/live/mastered versions of Kanye's "Heartless" I got up on the iTunes.

I'm Chris Campbell, a college student at the University of Kentucky whose a Lessumat blogger, die-hard Laker fan, and of the opinion that Andre 3000 is an infallible rap icon. I consider myself rather open-minded, but you'd be hard pressed to break me off those concrete ideologies.

I'mma be writing on here, just like everyone else I'm sure, about the little things that make hip hop music worth it every single day of my life to search the internet for, blare 24/7 in my iPod, and straight yell at anyone who brushes off my favorite art form as anything but the most legitimate form of conveyed soul and musicality. My first column I'll have up sooner or later is gonna be on the collabos that everyone in the entire hip hop world was waitin' for (whether they cared for the artists or not), and whether or not the anticipated tracks lived up to the hype. Do they ever?

And while you're waiting for that to see if it lives up the hype that I just created for it, I encourage you to get to know me at any of these little linkable words I just keep spewing out. This'll be my only shameless advertisement of my own self. And of course I gotta thank Mr. Fawkes for the future opportunity to contribute on this site. See you guys again shortly.
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