Some Fresh New Ish!

Aight I felt like just ranting about some ish on here right now! Ok im sure many of you have been following the presidential race in some way shape or form! And hopefully you are for Barack Obama because this country defintly needs some major changes! He is defintly the best man for the job by FAR! I just wanted to say though that anyone who supports McCain no offense but your an idiot! If you believe his slander ads on Obama you might as well elect a damn 13 year old girl into office because your falling for gossip! Especially these ads about how he is associated with a terrorist! First off the guy they are mentioning is now a college professor who is well respected! Second off the events that he was involved in happend when Obama was just 8 years old! Thrid off OBAMA IS NOT FRIENDS WITH THIS GUY! They barely even know each other. Finally if your going to punish Obama for this please realize McCain (when he was 50 years old) was associated with a man who is now a convicted felon. Him and McCain were actually friends! He was involved in a savings and loans scandle back in the 80's! So please please go out there and register to vote! Vote Obama! Barack Obama is a great man who if he wins could go down as the best president since FDR! We need a fresh new take on politics to help us get out of the past 8 years of BUSHSHIT!

OBAMA 08'!
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Guy Fawkes said... @ October 13, 2008 at 12:11 PM

I do support Obama and he is clearly the superior candidate, but I wonder if he would have as much support if he wasn't such a good oral speaker.
This isn't a comparison by any means, but Adolf Hitler was also good at giving speeches, and giving the crowd what they wanted to hear... again, it's no comparison but something to think about.
Politicians are never the most honest of people.

Mr. Glass said... @ October 13, 2008 at 4:02 PM

true true....but Obama defintly aint like Hitler, Hitler ran off of trickery getting the people to believe in his crazy propaganda and hate! Im not saying Obama dosnt lie, and that everything he promises he will follow through on, Im not that naive I know hes a politician but he is def a better canidate then McCain!