The Game (Mixtape Edition)

I did kind of bite the idea from 2 Dope Boyz so gotta show them some love, they put me onto some crazy underground shit.... check em out. Do you remember back in late 2004 when you saw the already-hated Curtis Jackson driving around with a tattooed goon named The Game in the music video for "How We Do"? I know I do, and even though "How We Do" aka "Fresh83" was your typical club banger, I always saw something special about Game. It wasn't his lyrical ability or his flow, or really anything about his spitting talent... but he had this irreplaceable charisma on the microphone that is still second-to-none today. I didn't cop "The Documentary" but rather downloaded it, regardless I was still very impressed by the album... but his next album "Doctor's Advocate" is among my favorites for 2006. I still bang "Ol English" anytime I'm aimlessly driving around. And then he dropped "L.A.X." just a few months back, I was really waiting on this one, and he didn't disappoint by any means. But that's just the albums, Jayceon Taylor is a completely different beast on the mixtape circuit. The Game has his face on almost as much CD covers as Weezy... if that's not impressive I don't know what is. He also has created a very dope imprint... Black Wall Street Records.
But the real reason I did this post is to make people aware of a few great freestyles and unreleased tracks that Game has made. And hopefully, you will be more inclined to check out his other work too.

360 Bars (The Final Chapter)-
This is more than just another one of those long-ass freestyles where Game tears into G-Unit. The beat on this track is sick as hell... it does not sound anything like DJ Skee's work, but it is. I love the metaphors on here too, add them together and you get a very dope track.

Red Bandana-
This was the track where Game tries on Twista's flow for size, and it doesn't fit too bad. Of course, most people know this song for reasons other than Game's raps..hint(go to the four minute mark of the video).

My Bitch-
This track almost made "Doctor's Advocate", kind of obvious why it didn't due to the namedropping... same reason "Big Dreams" didn't make "L.A.X.". It would have been a great addition to that album, I can imagine it was either this song or "Around The World" that got cut, and the label-heads opted for the song that appeals to the females.

Put Me Under-
This was back in '04, when Game was still with G-Unit. You can tell because there's no G-Unit references at all on this song. Still some heat, I've always wondered who produced this track, and never found out. Holla at me if you know.

Palm Pilot-
I hate to admit that Katt Williams is ever doing anything right, but he flows something vicious on this track(for a comedian anyway), and has given me some motivation to revisit "Wild N' Out". I'm liking Game's whisper flow on this track, kind of resembles Termanology.

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