Jus Some Bullshit

The first post will be dedicated to everyone's favorite hypocrite... Nancy Pelosi. I struggle to realize how Nancy-girl could have managed to fuck up so very badly. I'm pretty poorly informed about what happened, but what I do know is that Nancy gave a "logical" (hard to believe after what you'll read later) speech denouncing a bail-out. I mean sure, it's never worked before for anyone. And sure, the 700 billion will all disappear into a black hole before you can say "tax credit". But at the same time, how could the Senate possibly have not known that this would happen? I believe that widespread panic is usually what happens when the stock-market is falling and the government fails to intervene. But these ingrates decided to let history repeat itself once more. Hours after giving her speech Pelosi decided to advocate a bail-out (funny turn of events there) probably to save her ass, even though her ass is suffering from every known STD known to man (politically of course).... and the bail-out magically passed Senate just a few days later. It's ironic what widespread hysteria, chaos and death threats can do to change the mind of a "steely" politician. Anyway, now that the bail-out has passed, it will undoubtedly have very little effect on anything or anyone. Economists hope that the extra $1000 in tax credits will be used by consumers on the stock market. But yet again, consumers are not going to put money into the stock market when they see how undeniably shaky it is... yet another thanks we owe to Mrs. Pelosi. So, to say the least, everything looks dim right now.
On the other hand, when you look at things from an international perspective, it's even worse. I'm starting to see just how much of a global market is really present. Iceland is on the brink of becoming bankrupt as a country, and Europe as a whole is suffering a lot worse than we are.
On the other hand, it's hard to notice that we're in a recession. My life hasn't changed at all, I think the only effect it has had thus far is with the loss of jobs and lower gas prices. When I think depression or even recession I imagine 1940's Germany where they used money to heat the fireplace not lower gas prices. I'm not that ignorant to think that lower gas prices are a positive result of recession... but might as well enjoy it until gas shoots up to $4.00 a gallon. I wonder how high gas will eventually become in European countries where it already costs over eight or nine dollars per gallon.

Sorry for the semi-useless first post people.
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