Joe Budden- Mood Muzik 2

Joey, Joe, Jumpoff Joe, Joe Buddens, whatever you want to call him New Jersey's son has been making some serious noise lately. He has got insane hype for his new album "Padded Room", that shit looks real good and has got the blog world on edge. He released "Who", a 15 minute bio-documentary of hip-hop. He just settled his beef with Game, and has got the mixtape game on lock with his "Mood Muzik" series. Despite the fact that Joey hasn't released an album since his self-titled debut: "Joe Budden". We're not counting "Mood Muzik 3: The Album", because that was just an marketing stunt (good selling mixtape, let's cut a few tracks and a few new ones and we'll call it an album) Naw!
And even though, everyone's heard the third installment, I'm hear to bring some more attention to the second one... which was honestly my favorite.

6 Minutes Of Death- Honestly, who hasn't freestyled over this beat? Like the underground version of "A Millie". Still very few dudes have went half as hard as Buddens did on this track, even Jae Millz couldn't top Joey here. This track is crazy!

The Future- First time I heard this song, I wasn't really feeling it, I thought it was some bullshit over a soulful instrumental... but when I heard it again, I became really impressed. Budden is known as an introspective rapper, who always writes what he feels, and this is the peak of his "introspective-ness".

World Takeover- The first thing that grabs your attention is the sick beat, and then Joe's lyricism keeps you interested. Probably my favorite cut off the mixtape.

Listen, Then Cop it!
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