International Spotlight: DJ Mitsu the Beats

It's been a min since I posted anything but as I've mentioned before uni has been taking over lately and I'm in the midst of preparing my Northern Hemisphere trip to Mexico in Dec to complete my grad project so it's been non-stop lately. Anyway, If you follow my blog, Eff-It-All, then you will know that I am a big fan of jazz influenced hiphop aka Jazz Hop. Because of this, I started getting into Japanese Hiphop last year, as, in terms of Jazz Hop, Japan runs shit!! Their producers are on a whole other level, and in my opinion are the best in the world at this style of Hiphop.

One of my favourite producers outta Japan is DJ Mitsu the Beats. His 2003 album, New Awakening had me mesmerized for months. His production is just so damn smooth and his choice of features on the album fit perfectly with his beats (Dwele, Little Brother, K-Otix). There are also two remix editions to this album, one of which has one of my fave Mitsu tracks, Music Mate (hiphop remix) off New Awakenings Remix Album No.1.

DJ Mitsu the Beats- Music Mate feat Stone Love

Mitsu is under the Jazzy Sport label, who also boast other dope artists like Budamunky, Gagle (of which Mitsu is one third), Samon Kawamura, Grooveman Spot and Coma-Chi. Collectively, these artists make up some the best shit to come outta Japan in the last few years. His recent collab with DJ Mu-R (Sound Maneuvers Classics album released earlier this year) has some of the dopest remixes I've heard in a long time, I suggest you cop this, the ultimate feel good Sunday (feelin like shit with a hangover) album, lol. Below are two personal favourites of mine off the album:

Download: I.N.I- Square One , Encore- Love & Hate (The Next Men Remix)

And lastly, I'll leave you with the now Mitsu classic joint, Right Here feat Dwele off the New Awakening album

Download: DJ Mitsu the Beats feat Dwele- Right Here

This music aint for everyone but if you into the lax back ish then don't sleep on this cat, he's takin over, for real.
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