Immortal Technique

Citing Immortal Technique as one of your favorite rappers is a statement in and of itself. He is the new-age Public Enemy, KRS One, and Paris all molded into one. At the same time he's an artist like nobody before him, he takes elements of conscious rap, and the new-age horrorcore rap genre mostly associated with the Jedi Mind Tricks, and mixes all these influences with his amazing lyricism. Most of all, he's got a message! And it's not "Fuck bitches, get money".
The real reason I fuck with Immortal Technique is because this guy has something to say... that alone, puts him in a minority. I will admit, the first time I heard Immortal Technique I wasn't feeling him. Anyone familiar with DJ Green Lantern knows that his production is hit or miss, and for every amazing song Green Lantern has made he has made an awful ear-breaking song to match it. A few months later, I heard him again on the Bin Laden Remix and became converted.
It's also good to hear someone come from a new perspective, there have been millions of songs made about ghetto and street violence. Yet there's shit happening outside of this country that's by far worse. And no one cares. A teacher dies in a school and a whole community reaches out to support them, while thousands of children die every day in Africa and nobody cares. As much as someone passing away is a tragedy, I personally feel that a genocide of a whole continent is a little bit worse. But I'll get off my soapbox.
Probably one of my favorite verses ever written:

"Calling abortion murder in a medical building
But don't give a fuck about bombing Iraqi children
Talking like units in the fucking libretto
Look at their mansions and look at your suburban ghetto
That's why blacks and Latinos get the worst education
While devils run America like "Birth of a Nation"
Affirmative action ain't reverse discrimination
That shit is a pathetic excuse for reparations"

Can't say enough about those lyrics. Especially the first two lines and the last two lines. This is the type of shit we really need to promote and advocate... my dude Immortal Technique. Learn more, read more: change the globe.

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