Whats up! This is ya boy Mr. Glass! Yeah thats right im a part of yet another site! Damn this shit keeps pileing up! But this one looks like its gonna last cause these guys are for real!

Neways I jus wanted to post some random ass shit for my first post ya kno? So anyways here are two HOT NEW UNRELEASED tracks by The Cool Kids

"Wasting Time"

"Fresher Than You"

These dudes are crazy man! But real talk my dude Lil' Shaun is sick. Ima be posting some of his shit on here soon....this kid is a dope ass producer and rapper. Bow Wow has fucked him over twice now though so ima help him out the old skool way, word of mouth!

Anyways im super happy to be aport of this shit fo real! Ima be posting some random ass shit at least once a week and might even be posting my Daily Words of Wisdom! So jus keep those eyes wide!
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